Investing in circular, eco-friendly quality

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At Innotec, we create ecological alternatives to conventional products that you can count on.

As we look to the future, we are developing ecological products with less impact on the environment, which are highly efficient at the same time.

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Maximum Innovation

Product creation process

Innotec stands for innovation and quality.

Our ecological products meet the criteria of the EU Ecolabel, the official European Union label for environmental excellence, an initiative of the European Commission.

Why we opt for the EU Ecolabel

• Top 10% of the market
Exclusive and increasingly strict environmental standards for entire product lifecycle
Raw material extraction -> Production and distribution -> Disposal
• Commitment to efficiency
All new products are independently tested against market leaders

These criteria focus on the use of plant-based alternatives, of which the development is a relatively new market. That is why ecological alternatives do not yet exist for all synthetic raw materials.

But one point is certain: Innotec’s Ecolabel products are completely free of petrochemical raw materials as well as environmental and health-hazardous substances.