Investing in circular, eco-friendly quality

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At Innotec, we create ecological alternatives to conventional products that you can count on.

As we look to the future, we are developing ecological products with less impact on the environment, which are highly efficient at the same time.

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Innotec stands for innovation and quality.

After the entire development process of a new product, its lifecycle begins.

  1. Extraction and cultivation of plant-based raw materials.
    • Sustainable active ingredients such as glucose (sugar) and vegetable oil are used to produce renewable surfactants. Innotec uses these renewable surfactants for the local production of strong ecological cleaners.
  2. Production process
    • Fully digitize
    • Green solar energy
  3. Eco-designed packaging strategy and responsible water use
    • Highly recyclable or refillable packaging
    • With our highly concentrated formulas, we transport much smaller volumes with less packaging so we limit
      our CO₂ emissions.
  4. The product is processed by the end user and the packaging is recycled or refilled.
  5. Efficiency to lower environmental impact
    • Our high-performance products help extend the lifetime of machines and equipment in mobility, construction,
      industry and government settings around the globe.

We have ‘completed’ the circle at this point.